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Genuine Position



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The Genuine Position is one of the most important requirements when sponsoring a foreign employee.


Following the Department of Home Affairs' standard business sponsorship requirements, the business must demonstrate that the nominated position is genuine, relevant to the nature and scope of the business activities and necessary to the continuing operations of the business.


Zeolla Solutions' Genuine Position Reports are thorough and effectively outline the evidence of the genuineness of the position and need of the nominee for various sponsored visa applications.

The Genuineness of the Position Report contains detailed information about the business such as:

  • Business Description;

  • Organisational Chart;

  • Position description and how it interacts with other positions in the company;

  • References to ANZSCO;

  • Justifications and evidence for the need of the position and need of the nominee;

  • Nominee's skills and Experience analysis;

  • Value of the Nominee to the Business, Industry and Region in Australia.


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