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Market Salary



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Market Salary Report is a report that gathers detailed salary information and range for various occupations within a number of industries. It provides useful insights into salary forecasts and expectations as well as recruitment challenges.

Consistent with our specialist approach to meeting the Department of Home Affairs' business sponsorship requirements, we at Zeolla Solutions have a dedicated team of specialists researching and servicing each discipline, market and industry in order to collect the most accurate and concise salary information and ranges. Our approach is to always take into consideration the various existing job types as well as the size and particularities of the numerous organisations we work with.

The results of our Market Salary Report are represented visually through the use of info-graphics. The report also features market observations and a range of employer insights on everything from workplace benefits and working hours to attraction and retention strategies. It forms part of a suite of salary tools, advice and information available to our clients.


Some of the key features our Market Salary Reports present are:

  • Business Overview;

  • Organisational Chart;

  • A few details about the Nominated Position;

  • Market Wage Rate analysis; and

  • Demand for the occupations analysis.

Zeolla Solutions’ Market Salary Reports contain all that is required by the DHA to justify that the nominated salary is the right salary for the nominee.

The sponsoring employer must ensure that the terms and conditions of employment provided to a primary sponsored person are no less favourable than the terms and conditions that would be provided to an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident to perform the same work in an equivalent position in the same workplace’s location. For a nomination approval, the base salary must be at least equal to the TSMIT which is currently $53,900.

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