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Labour Hire License Plan & Business Plan

Labour Hire refers to the practice of entrusting the recruitment process of a business to an external entity, commonly referred to as a labour hire agency or company. The company assumes responsibility for all aspects of the hiring process, including payroll management, superannuation contributions, tax compliance, and more, with the aim of providing personnel that meet the specific requirements and expectations of the client company.

Labour Hire is the concept of outsourcing a business' recruitment process to a third party (also known as the labour hire agency/company). They take care of the entire hiring process, including payroll, superannuation, tax, etc., and ensure that the workers provided meet the needs and expectations of the client company. This is done in exchange for a fee.

Recently, labour hire licensing schemes have been introduced in several Australian jurisdictions to regulate the labour hire sector.

For a new labour hire services business, applicants will need to state whether the organisation has a business plan that sets out how the organisation will comply with the legal obligations set out in the Labour Hire Licensing Act.

These obligations include (but are not limited to):

  • taxation laws;

  • superannuation laws;

  • occupational health and safety laws;

  • workers' compensation laws;

  • labour hire industry laws;

  • accommodation standards;

  • transport laws, and more.

Zeolla Solutions’ Business Plans for Labour Hire Licensing incorporates 35 to 50 pages* of detailed information about the business as well as the industry it operates, along with market analysis, financial projections, competitor analysis, and details on labour hire licencing requirements.

We focus on meeting the Labour Hire Authority's requirements by providing a comprehensive Plan for Labour Hire Licensing.

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