A Structure 407 Visa Training Plan in support of Subclass 407 Visa applications.

The 407 Visa Training Plan (subclass 407 Training visa) is for Applicants who want to come to Australia on a temporary basis (up to 2 years) to participate in occupational training or professional development. Zeolla Solutions 407 Visa Training Plan is for you if you are planning to visit Australia to complete workplace-based training activities to improve your skills in an eligible occupation for Subclass 407 Training Visa ( 407 Visa Training Plan ).

One of the requirements for the Subclass 407 Visa is that the employer must detail a proposed 407 Visa Training Plan

The nomination stage of the Subclass 407 Training Visa ( 407 Visa Training Plan ) requires you to submit a detailed and structured 407 Visa Training Plan that provides details about:

  • The Nominee (Trainee) and position;

  • The purpose of the Subclass 407 Training Visa; and

  • How you will implement and develop the Subclass 407 Training Visa - 407 Visa Training Plan.

Each 407 visa Training Plan will be different and specifically tailored to the nominee’s training needs, the needs of the business (the sponsor) and the relevant occupation. In particular, it must be compliant with the relevant Legislative Instrument LIN 19/050 - Subclass 407 Training Visa and satisfy the nomination requirements under the relevant occupational training stream (LIN 19/050: Specification of Occupations—Subclass 407 Visa) Instrument 2019

Zeolla Solutions will assist you tailoring a comprehensive 407 Visa Training Plan for Subclass 407 Training Visa. 

407 Visa Training Plan 

  • Subclass 407 Visa Training Plans across trade and professional occupations based on Department of Home Affairs' requirements (DOHA) aligned with the Migration (LIN 19/050: Specification of Occupations—Subclass 407 Visa) Instrument 2019;

  • Evaluation of Applicant's skill gaps against the nominated occupation on ANZSCO;

  • Description of desired skill level and the time required to achieve it;

  • Subclass 407 Visa Training Plan that suits the needs of both the Sponsor and the Trainee;

  • 407 Visa Training Plan for all Skill Occupation proposed to the Trainee (the nominee) based on Subclass 407 Training Visa as stated on the Legislative Instrument LIN 19/050: Specification of Occupations — (Subclass 407 Visa) Instrument 2019 and ANZCO code.

The benefits of choosing Zeolla Solutions to assist you with your

Subclass 407 Visa Training Plan


  • Assurance that your 407 Visa Training Plan ( Visa 407 Training Plan ) will be written according to relevant occupational standards and in full support of your 407 Visa Training application;

  • Customised information for each case according to  business activity and applicant's training gap;

  • Your 407 Visa Training Plan ( 407 training plan ) will be tailored by Expert Migration Law Writers who are Uni Graduated in Migration Law (Western Sydney University) & Bachelor of Laws (University of New England & Southern Cross University, Australia) with more than 9 years of experience in Migration Law Writing & Copyright (based on the Department of Home Affairs requirements and Visas criteria);

  • No extras charges on request for amendments*; 

  • Fast turnaround*;

  • Affordable Fees 20% OFF Discount for Registered Migration Agents & Immigration Lawyers until 2021 (COVID-19 Support);

  • Excellent Customer Care;

  • Full Immigration Assistance;

  • Graduated Migration Law Writers;

  • We are Leading Service Provider of comprehensive 407 Visa Training Plans for Subclass 407 Training Visa Application. Each Subclass 407 Visa Training Plan will be tailored and specific to your business, the nominee (trainee) and their training needs. If you need assistance with preparing a 407 Visa Training Plan contact us today!

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