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Labour Agreement

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Labour Agreements enable approved businesses to sponsor overseas workers when there is a demonstrated need that cannot be met in the Australian labour market and standard temporary or permanent migration arrangements are not appropriate.

Labour agreements are formal arrangements negotiated between an Australian industry group or employer and the Australian Government to recruit a specified number of skilled workers on a temporary or permanent basis over a number of years - generally for three years and might​ have additional terms and conditions.

Labour agreements are the only migration pathway for semi-skilled labour and will only be considered if a genuine skills shortage exists but no suitably qualified or skilled Australians are readily available.

  • Zeolla Solutions Labour Agreements contains detailed information such as:

  • Business details, products and services;

  • Nominated position analysis;

  • Reference to ANZSCO;

  • Justifications and evidence for the need of the position and need of the nominee;

  • Nominee's skills and experience analysis;

  • Request and exemptions;

  • Terms of the nomination.

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